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Fitted Nextbase 522
« on: July 22, 2020, 04:52:46 pm »
Well I finally fitted the Nextbase 522 with rear camera to my 6. It was far more straight forward than I thought. Tips I picked up along the way.
Completely remove the passenger door rubber and take off the door strip, it's just a clip on so easy enough, remove the fuse box cover. Theres a small plastic screw at the very front top under the dash and easy to get to. I used the Nextbase hardwire kit and initially fitted it to the top fuse which is only on when ignition is switched on as advised. Great until you try to fit the fuse box back as the adapter for the fuse is too big. My 6 has low profile micro/mini fuses. I used the fuse below which, although was a lower amp, it worked fine as the dash cam only uses 2 amp fuses. Secondly flip the fuse adaptor so the wire is on the left, in other words upside down. If you don't the fuse box cover does not fit back on properly.
The obvious fitting the cables behind the air bags was a little tricky but I bought a set of plastic trim removal tools from ebay for £2.99 and they worked a treat.
The cable length in the kit is long, very long, so I used cable ties and looped the cable in 2 separate areas of each door on the drivers and rear passenger door to take up the excess. I added an extra couple of feritte block adaptors to reduce any potential interference. They were only a couple of quid so worth fitting just in case. I'll post some pics if anyone is interested. The cables are totally hidden. Self praise is no praise I know but I gave myself a pat on the back and saved the £100 the garage wanted to fit it. I used some alcohol wipes to clean the glass before fitting the front and rear cams. It's a great cam and has Alexa which is handy for getting quick traffic updates etc. With the amount of idiots and insurance scammers out there it seemed to be a wise investment. It also has a motion sensor which runs off the dash cams own battery so if someone tampers with or hits your car and drives off when parked you get them on cam. Uploads to your phone too if you download the app and also has cloud storage for sharing footage if it's ever needed.
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