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Water in boot well
« on: December 17, 2019, 08:57:01 am »
Are any of you experiencing a lot of water in the boot well ( where the spare space saver wheel goes)
I traced the leak back to the rubber seal around the boot/ tailgate opening.
The rubber seal itself looked in perfect condition (externally) but there is a white silicone/mastic material inside the slot that clips over the metal rim, that had gone hard and brittle. I guess that by the process of capillary action the water was getting from the outside to the inside of this rubber seal. I did witness this and at first could not believe it.
I have cured the problem by completely removing the rubber seal from car, then opening up the groove in the seal and removing the white mastic material. This was a painstaking job and very sore on my hands,so it may be easier to purchase a new seal, I think they cost approximately £70.
I then put a bead of silicone inside the groove and on the metal rim and refitted the seal (this was a bit messy.) I used everbuild Stixall clear.
After letting it cure for a day or so I retested and no sign of any water has appeared.
Hopefully this will help someone. I had same problem with my previous car a Mazda 3saloon and never got the problem solved.