Author Topic: Subframe rust recall? Mazda 6 2009 estate  (Read 365 times)

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Subframe rust recall? Mazda 6 2009 estate
« on: August 14, 2019, 10:25:53 am »
Hi there,

I've previously owned 2 Mk1 facelift Mazda 6s, both 2.0 petrol autos - one hatch, one estate.

I currently drive a 2005 Merc E320CDi estate, and it's been, and continues to be, a money pit.  So I'm looking for a replacement, and have seen a decent looking 2009 Mazda 6 2.0 petrol auto estate up for sale locally.  A rare car.

Looking at the MOT history, there was an advisory in 2018 for rust on the front subframe.  The advisory is not there on the MOT done in May 2019.

I have googled for this potential problem, and came up with this from the US:

Does anyone know please if this recall was issued in the UK?  I see on the DVSA MOT checking site that there's an outstanding recall on the car I'm interested in (despite seller claiming full Mazda Dealer Service History) - could it be this recall?  If not, what was the last recall put out on these cars please?

Thanks for any tips - forewarned is forearmed!

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Re: Subframe rust recall? Mazda 6 2009 estate
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2019, 04:33:26 pm »
I am 100% convinced that this will never in the UK. And it is also to read Mazda and rust recall in the same sentence.

The outstanding recalls for these cars are for the driver’s seat, the passenger airbag and the hatch struts. I did these and they returned the car with a handful of screws here and there. The driver’s seat is now balancing on tight corners over the right side. I have no idea how they managed to make a perfect seat worse. Oh and I now get a flashing airbag light. Still wait for the customers service reply. But I felt that I had to do the recalls just in case they would fail it at the MOT. Live and learn situation.

Anyway, my guess is your potential new car will not pass the new MOT. You can always find an MOT centre that will turn a blind eye, but it is better to find evidence that they replaced the subframe which I doubt with scrap values just over £200.

I am not sure whether the service history really means anything because changing the fluids is cool but when it comes to serious works like the subframe replacement, the car will be traded in and will go through the auctions to used car dealers.

As always, if you have a bad car, do not buy any other car full of hope of trouble free cheap motoring. Spend as much as you can and buy a better car, maintain it and it will turn out cheaper than any cheap car. Approved used cars start around £5K but you can find very similar cars in franchises without the approved status for around £4k. This will buy you something up to 7 years old and then you can keep it for another 7 years, costing you around £500 per year in depreciation.

Going for a £200 scrap value car, £500 part exchange value, with a rusty subframe, maybe is not the best way out of new problems. So a £1K-2K car from the auction dealers sounds good money, but it is really a £200 car. If you can double your money and buy a franchise car which has checked all these points, you make sure that at least it will have a few years of life left in it.

If you have spent any real money on your current car, you may be better off completing the repairs and keeping it.