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Starter Motor problem
« on: February 13, 2019, 06:51:56 pm »
I've got a pretty annoying problem on my 2.5 petrol Auto that I really could do with some suggestions on, although I really wouldn't be surprised its something obvious. I've not had the car long and when I looked at it to buy, the starter clicked a couple of times and as batteries just go here, no dragging their life out at all, I assumed the bloke would have to replace the battery before he sold me it as I couldn't collect it for a week after, but unfortunately he didn't so my first purchase was a new battery.
I've had the car a couple of months and occasionally when I turn the key, the solenoid clicks but the starter motor doesn't turn. If you just keep trying it eventually works. Sometimes it takes a few attempts, sometimes it starts straight away, no particular pattern to it at all.
I've removed the starter motor twice now, because I forgot to connect the pcv pipe to the back of the intake  :-[ (getting good at it now although its definitely a pain to get the intake system off!) and also stripped the motor down, the brushes are well within limits and commutator all clean. I've also tested the motor when it was out and it seems to work fine, turns quick etc As I said the solenoid clicks every time. I also checked the gear cog for burrs and it doesn't seem too bad I did clean some up though.
I dont want to just get a new starter as they're not cheap and I'm not convinced theres anything wrong with mine, but I can't think that it could be anything else as the solenoid always works.  ::)
I'll take any suggestions please!

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Re: Starter Motor problem
« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2019, 11:16:06 am »
It sounds like you bought it with a starting problem. Maybe the starter motor looks good enough but it may need a good service to work properly. If you have a local company to check it or send it for a refurbished one, you will get a definite answer whether it is good enough. Some batteries are faulty from the factory, others fail within months if you do not use the car a lot.