Author Topic: Laboured starting...loss of power...warning lights...etc  (Read 591 times)

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Laboured starting...loss of power...warning lights...etc
« on: November 06, 2018, 04:11:47 pm »
Hi all

This is my first post and I hope its helpful.

I have owned my Mazda 6 Takuya 2.0 petrol for about 5 months and its been fantastic until the other day. Stopped at the shops and left lights on for about 10 mins while I ran into the shop.

When I attempted to start the car it really struggled to start and when it did as I accelerated  there was very little power and a myriad of warning lights came on including the engine warning light. I parked the car up and left it for an hour or so. It started fine but the cruise control light was on...I turned it off. The next morning the same thing..started fine but cruise control and engine warning light were on.

The following day on a trip to the supermarket the car started fine in the morning (cruise control light on again but engine warning light had cleared).

When I came out of the supermarket and attempted to start the car...nothing...just some clicking. Girlfriend came to rescue me and with a jump start from her car the Mazda fired up easily. Decided the problem was the battery ( a two year old Halfords replacement that was in the car when I bought it). New battery fitted and everything has been fine since. No cruise control light coming on and no engine warning light either.

I connected an OBD11 reader to it this afternoon and it reported no codes saved and no pending codes either.

So a battery guaranteed for 4 years failed after 2...hmmm. I had read about the cruise control light on another indicator of a failing battery. Hope thats what it is. Anyway hope this info might be of help to other members of the forum.