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Pictures & Attachments
« on: September 01, 2014, 09:52:05 pm »
Could I please draw everyones attention to the following message I have received from our web hosts.

The attachments folder at Mazda 6 Forums UK is almost full. Please visit the forum
to resolve this problem.

Once the attachments folder reaches it's maximum permitted size users will not be
able to continue to post attachments or upload custom avatars.

I have previously made everyone aware of this situation and the need to use a hosting site to include pictures in posts.  We now have the onerous task of deleting all pictures that have been put into posts by using the attachment facility.

Unfortunately the practise of using the attachments folder for pictures has recently been on the increase.

As previously stated we very much regret having to remove pictures, but the attachment folder is primarily intended to include text, graphic items and PDF's    NOT PICTURES or Screenshots.

There are many picture hosting sites that will provide you with [ IMG ] links.  Here is the sequence for just one of them. Others will be similar. It is your choice which you use.

To post a photo on the forum

Go to If you do not already have an account,  click on "Join now" to create your own account. It's free.

Move to the centre of the screen and click on orange UPLOAD tab.  When the dialog window opens up, navigate through to where you have stored your image on your computer. Select and Open.

Photobucket will upload your image and store it. Once completed it will show you a thumbnail picture. Click on the thumbnail and it will show you some links on the right hand side.

You need to select the link named  Direct.    Copy and then return to the forum and paste into the body of your message.

Click on the preview button then highlight the link and click on the picture icon.   This will put the IMG brackets around the link 

Preview to make sure it's ok. Add any text you need to and post.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


Thank you,  Mazda6forums Administration Team
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