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Title: Engine warning
Post by: muzzy on September 13, 2020, 06:20:59 pm
Hi All

Wondered if i could get a little help... I've tried looking all over and cannot find much info on some ODB2 errors.

I have had a 258B00 - Vacuum Pump Control - range/performance and 402362 - Stop Lamp Control (Subfault).

I have a Mazda 6 2.2L SE-L Nav 2013

Appreciate any insight you can give on these. I'm a little stumped.

Title: Re: Engine warning
Post by: apav on September 18, 2020, 01:08:15 pm
You may need a new vacuum pump:

MAZDA 6 (26/01/2012 – 21/01/2016) RECALL:
The vacuum pump may wear prematurely, meaning that in some applications where the brake pedal is pressed quickly whilst at low engine speed the servo assistance provided by the vacuum system is decreased. This could cause a momentary decrease in braking performance. Braking assistance available to the driver can be reduced.

That could trigger the subfault as there is not enough braking.

How did you scan for faults?
Title: Re: Engine warning
Post by: muzzy on October 02, 2020, 09:39:27 pm
Hi apav, thanks for reply.

I have the car going in the garage Monday for the battery as I’m also getting a battery management warning as well. Will get them to take a look at the pump at the same time.

I was using an odb2 adapter to get the code. I know it’s not as good as the tools garages use but it’s been helpful in giving me an idea of things.

Appreciate your help
Title: Re: Engine warning
Post by: apav on October 03, 2020, 12:50:13 pm
Hello Steven,

I think a lot of these faults are not directly linked to a specific part.

When I got mine and tried to do the first service, the garage was 100% that it could reset the service indicator. But then he wanted to charge me extra because he considered the DPF light on as something else. When I persuaded him that this was just the service indicator, he tried to reset but his diagnostic could not do it.

I do not know whether that was just the tool or the guy having no idea how to do it.

When I got an EML at the fuel station, I read online that the problem is from the tank cap. I went to the new garage and he told me the same. But I had tried this and it was not working. He tried his diagnostic and there was no problem could be found. He reset the fault and since then it never came back.

He told me that a lot of these warning may come up even when there is no fault part to replace. For him there was no problem which meant no charge to be made as he did not fix anything.

Do you use the forscan software with the adapter? I think you did well to read that fault being so specific. Maybe the newer car has better firmware that leads you to specific parts. I am not sure if the garage could read something more.
Title: Re: Engine warning
Post by: muzzy on October 05, 2020, 08:26:29 am
Hmm I'm hoping things are being reset properly...
I'll have to see how it goes after the battery is changed.
Hopefully that will be one issue done. It has been suggested that if the battery is going wonky it may cause random codes to pop up but I'm not convinced.

The software I'm using is the inCarDoc Pro app. Seems to be pretty good but will take a look at the forscan software. Will either give me the same errors or maybe shed a little more light on the code I'm getting.

Just out of curiosity how easy is it changing the vacuum pump?
Title: Re: Engine warning
Post by: apav on October 05, 2020, 10:27:45 am
If you have warning lights and they go off after a reset, then the reset has worked. No need to worry about that. Somebody had done the DIY reset and checked with the dealer reader and the car was already reset.

There are various rumours about old batteries causing problems but this is not always the case. In any case, a fresh battery will not be a bad idea if this is about to cure the battery management warning.

This app seems quite good. Forscan should be the more official software.

The vacuum pump should not be too hard even if yours is not within the recall cars. But if you replace it, use the modified one.