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Maintenance / Re: 2.5 Auto coolant pipe on the radiator
« Last Post by AndyB on Today at 02:36:41 pm »

You can see its from the small hole and the pipe that should be attached is the one with the clips on
Vehicle Electrics / ECU wakeup for OBD scanner
« Last Post by runner20k on Today at 10:49:37 am »
My Mazda 6 2010 is totally locked down. Press the clutch i get red key and red start button. This happened before and a guy came out with a code reader and cleared the error codes and the car operated as normal. I have a code reader but i am not able to turn on the ignition as nothing happens. The guy i used before is on holiday and i need my car. I have tried a different mechanic but his Scanner only connects when the ignition is on the same as mine.
If i can wake the ECU up it will talk to the scanner etc. anybody any idea how to do this.

Pic and vid attached to show the issue.

Alternatively does anyone know of a OBD scanner that could wake the car up.

Please read this  :
Maintenance / 2.5 Auto coolant pipe on the radiator
« Last Post by AndyB on Today at 10:31:08 am »
Not posted on here before but was checking around the engine bay and I must have knocked/broken a pipe on the radiator. Its a small one near the radiator cap itself and it only took a slight knock but is definitely broken.

As far as I can work out (I'm in a bit of a rush) it goes to the top of the water pump. Is it safe enough to just blank off the radiator and the pipe, as that's all Ive had time to do. The broken bits inside the pipe are either very brittle plastic or a fibre based material. Also what is the best way to repair this, hopefully not a new radiator  :(

I'm in Saudia Arabia and its the 2.5 Auto version
Vehicle Electrics / Re: Electric tailgate switch
« Last Post by apav on Today at 06:19:54 am »
Is this a normal car with a switch to open the tailgate?

There is a rubber button that you press and it opens 1cm the tailgate. The same function is on the key fob.

This rubber can split and water can get in destroying it.

There must be a safety release from the inside of the boot. Try opening it. Maybe something has been closed in with the tailgate and it is stack.

Check that front door as well. Because everything is interconnected, the problem may not be the tailgate.

As you say that you have two problems, the front door error may cause the lack of central locking and there is something else going on with the tailgate.
I've just got/sold my Mazda 6 / Re: Picked up my new baby today
« Last Post by Elvistheblue on January 21, 2019, 09:57:30 pm »
Lovely. Mind you, I would say that considering its identical to mine. It's a lovely car isn't it?
I've just got/sold my Mazda 6 / New Mazda6 2.2d GT Sport Nav+....
« Last Post by Elvistheblue on January 21, 2019, 09:54:59 pm »
Hi All.

Swapped my 2016 Mazda6 Sport Nav for a 68 GT Sport. I must say, I'm very impressed by it. I loved my Sport Nav, but this revamped 6 is a step up. Very refined, lovely to drive and still has that sporty feel to it.

I'm very pleased with it.
Vehicle Electrics / Re: Electric tailgate switch
« Last Post by cralst on January 21, 2019, 05:29:40 pm »
I've bought a new tailgate switch, not fitted it but I have plugged it in to try it and everything is still the same. I've scanned it and there's a fault registered on the front door but would a fault on the front door stop the tailgate opening switch from working?
Vehicle Electrics / Electric tailgate switch
« Last Post by cralst on January 18, 2019, 02:01:51 pm »
I have a 2011 Mazda 6 estate. Yesterday I opened the tailgate fine in the morning but in the afternoon it would not open. I then found out the central looking wasn't working either. The key fob is working because I can hear the relay when I press it. There is also power to the doors and tailgate as all the buttons on the exterior handles beep when I press them, as if a door is open, they don't actually lock the car. There are no open door symbols on the dash. I'm thinking that the electric tailgate switch has gone bad but I'm wondering if that would cause an issue with the central locking. I also wonder if anyone has had this problem or have any other theories of what the problem is?
Engine/Transmission/Powertrain/Exhaust / Re: 2018 "PCM Reprogramming Campaign"?
« Last Post by mareng73 on January 11, 2019, 09:48:52 pm »
I had a letter about this in August.

"Your vehicle is now required to be installed with the very latest and improved engine calibration software. Software will also be installed to enhance the accelerator response as well as provide engine noise reduction".

This stinks of dieselgate - Mazda aren't going to be offering a free improvement in accelerator reponse and noise reduction, are they? So has anybody else had this done?

Yes I had it done supposedly  on a 2014 whilst in for a service. I cannot say it improved the performance nor did it improve mpg as compared to the same time last year when I was touring, so  long motorway runs , in other words.
If they improve the emissions then in most cases fuel efficiency suffers, so a bit self defeating in my eyes.
I will have to start using  Shell V or BP Ultra again see if the consumption improves.

Anybody else seen a detioration since the PCM upgade?
The other thing they were supposed to check was the blowing injectors, rather than reseat them with new washers and correct torque. They are waiting until it happens, causes damage to the engine , then expect you to pay for repairs. 

Steering/Suspension/Brakes / Re: Mazda 6 GH6 electro mechanical steering failure
« Last Post by apav on January 07, 2019, 12:43:55 pm »
I think there were older posts about that. You can investigate with Mazda and compare the costs. But if the car is fine when driving, keep in mind that when you stress the power steering with continuous movement like turning the wheel without moving, then try to park, then turning the wheel again without moving, etc, it warms up so badly that it shuts off. This is on the owner's manual. When it cools down, it works again. If you have been doing this kind of parking for the last 6 years, maybe it is time for the part to fail. You should check the suspension for the tyres wear and align the wheels if the suspension is fine.
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