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Green 4 Motor Mazda.
« on: February 18, 2024, 01:08:52 pm »
This outfit is in the Coventry,  Stoke Leamington area.

Sales Manager is:
We are happy with the car and will not be supporting a rejection at this time.

Did the Service Manager get involved, or are they too cheap to employ one.

Completely washing his hands of a problem he didn't know how to diagnose or want to fix if he could.
Dealers tend to treat effects not causes. They are not that bright, or just too greedy to do the right thing. They even produced  48 mpg  in 17 miles, was that 17 miles on the ramp with the engine running. Drive it for 100 miles and see what the figure is, certainly not 48
Well he had to eat his words as the owner got a refund as three codes came up because the injectors were about to drop their nozzles in the cylinders.
They sold a 2014 Sports Nav auto 70 K  miles  with injector problems that needed changing but wouldn't accept it. In fact they washed their hands of any repairs despite a warranty insurance. Also they zeroed the Regen Count from new so you couldn't see the change in frequency until  it was out of warranty.

This problem starts as in the 2nd year and gradually throws a code. Mazda Eur in Kent know about it but are not prepared to do anything as it means 4 new modified injectors t over £1000 each, so they blame it on the owners driving pattern not faulty materials.
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