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I would like to share my experiences of Wrights Mazda in Norwich, Norfolk.

Initially went in for a recall job and several times for parts and warranty job after that.  This is amazing dealership on every level.

First of all, all emails are replied promptly and politely.  Same goes for the phone calls, very professional and polite.

Receptionist very polite, efficient, remembers your name and immediately know what you came in for when booked in advance.  Very rare these days as some places, you still end up repeating the details again and again to different people, but none of that at Wrights Mazda, they already memorised it!

When requested, they get a mechanic out to have a word with you and those mechanics are very knowledgable.  I prefer to speak to the mechanics as not all dealership mechanics are knowledgable despite the claims of 'manufacturer trained mechanic'.  Wrights Mazda mechanics are extremely knowledgable plus take time to give useful tips to keep the car in good condition.  They themselves are mostly car fans so for me enjoyable just chatting to them.

Parts people are equally very helpful.  I prefer to look at the microfiche (or drawing of parts locations) which they print it out for you so that you can double check what you are getting together with the price.  In some dealerships, when people come in for parts, they just think we are being a pain in the arse and gives us cocky attitudes or get the wrong parts due to lack of knowledge but no chance of that at Wrights Mazda.  You are made to feel another valued customer even for small parts which doesn't cost that much.

If the parts not in stock, they can advise immediately the leading time etc. giving me opportunity to make the decision from there.

Whilst waiting, refreshments are offered and friendly staff makes you feel welcomed.

They just bend over backwards to help you each time.  Whenever I go there, I come out feeling very happy. 

Most people's experience with dealerships are that, they are going in to have something done and daunting to face bill afterwards.  Not at Wrights Mazda I always feel so happy.

Don't know what it is but they are lovely in every aspects that you just feel so good that you've been there.  I wish all car dealerships are like this.