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Hodgson Mazda Gateshead.
« on: March 06, 2019, 10:13:09 pm »
Now I have bought quite a few cars from my local Ford/Mazda dealer here in Aberdeen and have been quite happy with the service I received. On this occasion, in February I found the exact car I wanted but it was down in Gateshead close to where my brother stays. After some thought and a quick call to ensure the car was available, off I went. Well, what an eye opener, they did everything possible to ensure my visit was a pleasant one. Of course they want to sell cars but at no time did I feel under pressure to buy. They left me to myself to think about the deal with no hard sales talk and I was able to make up my own mind. I will admit here I was always going to buy the car. I had come down from Aberdeen after all but it was nice to be given space. The presentation of the car when I picked it up 3 days later was amazing. It was in a 6 or 7 story glass tower and was presented to me in the second floor showroom via a turntable/lift system. Once I was happy it was put back in then lowered down to the ground floor ready for me to drive away. Yes Hodgsons Of Gateshead, easily my best car buying experience AND I got a decent deal.

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Re: Hodgson Mazda Gateshead.
« Reply #1 on: May 02, 2019, 06:10:55 am »
I absolutely agree with your sentiment. This dealer sets the standard - in fact as I understand it, they have won national dealership awards on more than one occasion. When I walk into most dealerships, of whatever make of car, I feel rather like a fly walking into the spider's web. Not so here, I genuinely feel a friendly atmosphere. The service department has been second to none in all respects, I cannot recommend them enough. I have traditionally done all my repairs and servicing myself over the years, largely because my experience with main dealers has been less than perfect - things like, being charged for work not done, or parts not replaced. I have absolutely none of these fears woth Hodgson, in fact I am perfectly happy for them to continue to maintain both of our Mazdas.