Author Topic: Intermittent "Engine Requires Inspection" message  (Read 140 times)

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Intermittent "Engine Requires Inspection" message
« on: September 24, 2021, 12:10:39 pm »
This message first occured whilst on holiday in West Wales & the car went into Limp Mode. The next day it disapeared without any action being taken. On the drive back to Brighton it occured again. I stopped at a motor way services and called the AA. Their technician seemed very knowlegeable about Mazda 6's, (Ominous) & reset 4 messages from his laptop concerning heat in regard to oil & water. He also topped up the oil & water which I don't think were particularly low. Engine requires inspection disapeared for around 150 miles.

When no warning message and no limp mode the car drives normally.

Took it to my local approved Mazda dealer who said they had a battery terminal loose. I was amazed that such a small issue would immobilise the car and guess who had the battrey out last. Yes; the same dealer when fitting a new oil strainer.
The car was limped again on the short trip from the the dealer.

Having heard stories about supermarket diesel I ran it down & filled up with Shell and added a can of STP for high mileage (mine's 100k now) injector cleaner too. Low & behold I get to North Wales and back (800 miles with local driving) and it comes on again right at the end of the journey. It is now completely unpredictable. Logically it seems to me that it is the sensor system not working rather than the engine itself. The service desk man at the dealer, says it will be difficult to find and cost £120/hr for diagnostics and that I would be better off with a petrol car: helpfull!

I bought this car 3 years old at 55k & within a couple of years had to have the Turbos cams and other things replaced. Mazda paid half but it was still £900. Recently spent another £900 on having the oil strainer replaced which came from the message
"System management system requires inspection" It has an approved dealer FSH up to today.

If your're not asleep having read this treatise, I would welcome any advice. Having read quite a lot now about problems with the Skyactive 2.2D engine I am wondering whether this is another RX8 for Mazda and it is time to get shut.
This would be a pity, because it's wonderful car my wife and I really enjoy, with lots of useful extra's and certainly the best looking estate on the market. I believe too we still need a diesel as we tow a 1300 Kg caravan though please note the preceeding tale of woe was totally none towing. Skoda Supreme anybody?