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Title: Sd card maps for sat nav upgrade headunit.
Post by: trigger on March 25, 2020, 04:31:50 pm
Can someone point me In the right direction.  I'm looking at getting the enon sat nav dvd etc 8" screen to replace the standard stereo. It doesnt come with a map sd card for using sat nav feature. Can I buy any maps on sd card ? Loads on ebay but they are from manufacturers will they work or do I need a generic ? Any advice ? Thanks
Title: Re: Sd card maps for sat nav upgrade headunit.
Post by: apav on March 26, 2020, 11:07:38 am
eonon sat nav dvd 8" screen?

It says Mondeo

If it is fits, it should work.

It seems to be a real company. But are the prices high for a no name brand?

"double din stereo"

No much difference to the big brands.

"double din stereo android auto"

In general all the cheap stereos will be on the low end of the quality.

If you are focusing on the sat nav, the best quality you get is through an app on the phone.

So if you just need a good sat nav, try some of the apps and some data.

If you need a better stereo, get something fromthe big brands.

If you need a combination of stereo and sat nav, probably the big brands and their app version will be the best as it will be basically a car phone.

If you find a devide that only plays sat nav through a sd card and you need this sat nav, you must make sure that these sd cards exists before you buy the device.

Your best bet is asking the sellers directly because nowadays even if they advertise something, it does not mean that they will post you the exact same thing. If for example they have a device that needs an sd card, write them an email and ask what is going on with the sd cards. There is a good chance these cards do not exist.

Do you just trust the ad. All these sellers never have actual contact with the final product and in most cases they have no idea what they sell. If you found out that you need an sd card, chase that card before parting with money.

Anyway, in general others have written before that all these cheap stereos are cheap for a reason. They look blinky but maybe that is their biggest advantage. If you needed a better stereo or better stereo/gps combo, do a bit of search to find out what is value for money.
Title: Re: Sd card maps for sat nav upgrade headunit.
Post by: trigger on March 28, 2020, 04:14:24 pm
The main reason I looked at that enon one is for the direct fit to the dash shape etc no surround plate needed etc. But I suppose a better brand which does the same will be better quality. Can you reccomend where then is best to get a double din facia surround for the mk 2 6?
Title: Re: Sd card maps for sat nav upgrade headunit.
Post by: apav on March 29, 2020, 12:22:49 pm
You need to either buy something online or get something from a car audio shop.

"mazda 6 gh double din"

It says that they cannot guarantee that no name radio will fit without modification.

They also mention that you should contact them to ensure it fits.

So I think both of these 2 advices are your guidance no matter from where you buy, 1. check that it fits the car 2. be prepare to modify it depending on the radio you buy