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Troubleshooting / Re: No power
« Last Post by ravardo on Today at 03:45:35 pm »
Is there anything else i need to download to use forscan lite,, so far ive downloaded torque and and been able to connect the bluetooth elm to it but when i use FS lite it doesnt find the elm
Mazda 6 / Re: FUEL LIGHT -19" ALLOYS
« Last Post by Willpower on Today at 02:17:55 pm »
Welcome to the forum.  I would suggest that you have a look at the Wheels & Tyres forum to find answers to your wheel question.

 Perhaps you might want to add a question in that dedicated area. :)

Mazda 6 / FUEL LIGHT -19" ALLOYS
« Last Post by ROB C on Today at 12:18:51 pm »
Am I missing something, I have had my Mazda for 14 months or does my 6 SEL NAV not have a fuel warning light? also would like a any comments regarding changing the wheel size,taking it up to 19" with low profile tyres  - making look nicer.
Or is there an issue with that I dont know about.

ps kind of new to this Forum business, my apologies if there is a dress code.
General Discussion / Re: Smart City Brake Support
« Last Post by stevem100 on February 20, 2018, 08:06:54 pm »
Auto dip and main didn’t come in until the facelift model ?
Cheers Steve  8)
Engine/Transmission/Powertrain/Exhaust / Re: Car making horrendous knocking noise
« Last Post by gtanswell26 on February 20, 2018, 01:04:30 pm »
I suppose you are correct but hey ho you dont get anywhere if you dont ask  ;D
General Discussion / Re: Smart City Brake Support
« Last Post by saddler5 on February 20, 2018, 12:26:29 pm »
Hi Bob, I have the same model as you but from 2013. The Smart City Brake only works at speeds up to 18 mph so the likelihood of you using it are low.
When I bought the car, the dealer demonstrated it with the aid of a few cardboard boxes (like all decent American cop shows). It worked fine but even though I have it switched on, I am yet to use it myself.
With regards to the lights, my car has LED daytime running lights but if I leave the light switch in "Auto" the headlights switch on when needed on  low beam. If you want full beam then you have to switch this on by yourself. As far as I am aware there is no option for Auto High Beam.
Enjoy the car and if you need any other help, please ask as I check the forum most days
General Discussion / Smart City Brake Support
« Last Post by Barnet Bob on February 20, 2018, 10:46:25 am »
I have a late 2012 petrol Sport Nave, have just about figured out all the options on the car apart from the " Smart City Brake " . the option for this function is listed in the settings list and I have ticked it to enable the function but seems to have no effect. Also do these cars have the auto main beam, it looks like mine might have a camera in the screen but I have to manually set high beam.

Regards Bob
Troubleshooting / Re: No power
« Last Post by apav on February 20, 2018, 07:55:20 am »

Does the car run fine but you get the warnings on? If it works, drive it smoothly without stops and starts, and the DPF will clean up.

For the DPF reset using the wire approach, the wire does not ground everywhere. I "plug" it between the top mount and the chassis to make it work. Just touching the chassis metal is not enough. I do not know why.

The first time I went to an independent garage he had one of these snap on readers. He could not reset the DPF but it reset with the wire.

DPF flashing normally means that you are fine but need a service. The works with no problems.

The car is set up to work with the MAF sensor, the EGR and the DPF. If they have played around them and the ECU, there will be a lot of errors.

Because there are plenty of sensors involved in the process, try to find out whether your ECU is a stock one and gives the rights signals. I suppose the dealer or somebody with knowledge can advise you on that.

If you are fine from an electrics/electronic point of view, then you can do the forced DPF regeneration, injection callibration, service reset, etc.
Engine/Transmission/Powertrain/Exhaust / Re: Car making horrendous knocking noise
« Last Post by Willpower on February 20, 2018, 12:05:10 am »
Do you think MAZDA will contribute or has that train left the station?

Sorry to be a damp squib but I think you probably know the answer to that one.  :(
Troubleshooting / Re: No power
« Last Post by ravardo on February 19, 2018, 09:16:11 pm »
The eml light is on constant now and comes straight back on after clearing it but now i have code p2463 which is the dpf is blocked,,i feckin love this car
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