Author Topic: Mazda 6 GG and GH petrol clutch slave cylinder refurb.  (Read 9809 times)

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Mazda 6 GG and GH petrol clutch slave cylinder refurb.
« on: March 22, 2017, 08:45:32 pm »
My car GG 1.8 2004

Clutch slave cylinder issue, applies to gen 1 and gen 2 petrol cars.

Symptoms : I could not select any gear easily, I limped home 10 miles using 3rd gear all the way but she still got me home with 138,000mls on the clock so far. The pedal was really really hard.Getting any gear was easy with the engine off, but with it running was a very different story.
Even with pedal to the floor, the car would creep very very slightly so I had to hold using handbrake..good job it was only 10 mls home.
My first thought was a slave cylinder fault or  something inside the bell housing was not right (release bearing).
2.5,2.3 and 2.0 are basically the same as my 1.8, the only difference is the 1.8  throttle body has a traditional single steel wire cable from the pedal for control and the larger  capacity engines are "fly by wire" controlled  using a stepping motor with impulses from the ECU to operate the flap.

Access to the clutch slave cylinder is quite good after first removing the air cleaner box and flexy hose. Take care not to knock the air box around too much as this may damage the MAF sensor inside the air cleaner housing.
Removing the air cleaner housing gives you plenty of room to get at the hydraulic pipe connection and the 2 bolts which hold the slave cylinder to the block.
I should point out that refit the bolts snug but do not over tighten these..we are dealing with female threads in an alloy housing here against hard steel bolts, be careful.

Both gen 1 and gen 2 versions of petrol mazda 6 and petrol mazda 3 vehicles use the same clutch slave cylinder.

When air cleaner box is removed,
 TIP ...put an examination glove over the open end of throttle body so that nothing can get knocked down inside would be a real bad day if that happened !
Anyway when I removed the airbox , Heres what I found.

So I removed the slave cylinder from the car to inspect further..oh dear !

I took the thing apart by first ejecting the piston from the housing using several swifts blasts from a bicycle pump at the hydraulic inlet and found that the piston had considerable wear..I suppose it doesnt look too bad considering its excecuted over a million gear changes (130k+mls mostly urban driving). Also the stock spring was really poor, very soft, not much tension at all.

Faced with a replacement cylinder from my mazda agent @ £78 plus vat, I looked around the net and discovered that Mazda make a repair kit and that was £18 plus vat. I nearly ordered it but decided to research further..I found an aftermarket kit  by All Brake Systems (ABS,Holland) priced at just under £7 inc vat.

Heres the manufacturer link

The spring is much much better than the stock mazda one.
Same size, just more force required to compress which is what we need.
No more old floppy !

I got to work and used degreaser on the old cylinder body, came up quite good
I used the plastic end of a chair tube foot (19mm) to use as a sleeve blanking plug and a few bolts for the threads

Then a quick coat of primer

Then 3 coats of Ford machine silver I had lying around (Tip : good match for gen 1 interior plastics around the gear selector/ashtray/stereo).
 Time now to Get everything together with some Castrol Red Rubber grease ( micro tins £2 or so from ebay seller : out-of-the-game )
Castrol RRG is great stuff for working around brake systems too as it does not corrode or degrade seals/boots etc.
A little goes a long way so micro tins are ideal and cost effective.

Coated the inside of the cylinder with RRG

Attached spring then coated the new piston rubber and spring with RRG

Pop the piston back in , much much better now,

Next, fitted the new boot & the old cleaned up bleed nipple.
 I found a plastic screw cover cap which acts as a dust cover for the pipe connection until fitting back on the car ..job done.

Hope you find this write up useful.

Some references for the part kit
Mazda OEM  FB01-49-460 or FB01-49-470.
ABS (All Brake Systems NL) 73045
Japanparts KY-300

The car drives okay but still needs a clutch and probably very soon which is no walk in the park for the home mechanic..looks like a subframe drop job...The OEM part would probably be made by Exedy for mazda.

3rd gen 2013 MY -present  skyactiv transmission owners, unlucky   :(  I think your slave cylinder is inside the gearbox itself.

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Re: Mazda 6 GG and GH petrol clutch slave cylinder refurb.
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2017, 08:58:18 pm »
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