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Leaving the Forum
« on: April 16, 2021, 08:21:00 pm »
Having just bought a 2018 plate, 2ltr. Skoda Superb diesel, it is time to say farewell to my Mazda 6 diesel and also, to the Forum. I bought the Mazda in 2010 with 85000 miles on the clock and it now registers 220875 miles.

Over the ten years that I’ve owned the car, it has never let me down in any way. It still has the original clutch and exhaust system, which I think is amazing. The car has been regularly serviced and maintained and the only out of the ordinary replacement items (to my mind) have been a new steering pump and an A/C condenser. Everything else I consider to be normal wear and tear. There have been two cambelt changes.

Having been on the Forum for ten years, I’ve read about many problems affecting Mazda 6 cars. I would like to praise this car for its longevity and comparatively problem free service.

Being of-an-age, I am now wanting an automatic car with “armchair” comfort and the Skoda fulfils this role. It’s sad to leave the Mazda as it still has lots of power and “pulls like a train”, as they say, and handles brilliantly, although the ride is a little firm. In comparison, the Skoda is a trifle “wallowy”, but a minor detail to me.

Thanks to the Forum and Willpower the moderator, I have learned a lot about the Mazda6 and picked up many useful hints and tips to keep my car in excellent condition.

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Re: Leaving the Forum
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2021, 08:53:33 pm »
Thank you Elwood.
I'm glad the Forum has served you well over the years and we are grateful for your involvement. 
Sad to see you go, but your membership will always be open for you to drop by and say hello. 
Hopefully the Skoda might serve you as well as your 6.

All the best. 
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