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Mazda6 Zugara (2004)
« on: January 13, 2020, 01:03:00 pm »
Not just purchased, as we have owned our 2004 Mazda6 Zugara Hatchback from new.

It has covered 118k, hardly missing a beat and passing each MOT at the first attempt, since 2007. We used to buy our cars new, traditionally financing them over 3 years, but normally trading them after 2 years. However, although we have continued to change our other cars, the Mazda has remained and continued to give faithful service. Admittedly, we have at times considered replacing it, but no other car has offered the performance and all-round capability of a Mazda6 Hatchback.

One issue we have had, is the well known problem of Japanese alloys, becoming porous and allowing air to leak though the wheels, giving the impression of a slow puncture. As the alloys were unique to the 500 limited edition Zugaras, this made it impossible to find new replacements, so the four wheels were sent for a full acid bath refurbishment. However, one wheel was beyond repair, so a long search to find a secondhand alloy, fit for refurbishment began. In the end a full set of four were found and I decided to have all 7 wheels beautifully restored to as-new condition, just in case of any future issues. However, as no such issues have occurred, I still have 3 immaculate alloys saved for a rainy day  :D

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Re: Mazda6 Zugara (2004)
« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2020, 12:36:57 pm »
That is good.

How does the acid bath refurbishment work? Does it remove the old paint and then they cover with filling the holes and paint them? How much did they charge you for them?