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Battery Dying
« on: December 05, 2023, 09:30:07 am »
Some advice to others:

mazda6 ts2 2.0 petrol.  Dec 2023 Cold temp.

Battrey dying slow cranking RAC confirms battery weak, swopped out after 7 years of use (pretty good).

Battrey pulled out of car at 1pm, replaced at 2pm all was well. did not drive it as WFH.

Its cold and traffic was busy where o love, so opted to leave the car outside house and just start the engine for 20 mins, al good.

Sat morn, 0c  start the car all ok, warm up and drive off to test it,  notice idle was not riht, during my drive teh car cut out 3 timnes when slowing down or stopping, this happanned in first 25 mins. Proceeded to drive home , all ok.   

Googled the issue , found its likely car was relearning from ecu that caused this plus the cold temp did not help.   All ok now.

I did not have this problem when i last replaced the battery in summer 2016.