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Big end shells change
« on: November 07, 2021, 08:36:57 pm »
Hello all,
Yes it started with a flashing DPF light on my 2010, 2.2 diesel second gen Mazda 6 with 93,000 miles on the clock. Took it to my local Mazda dealer for a service as I thought this was the service indicator light and MOT. they called about 30 minutes later, said they didn't do the service/MOT as the timing chain was stretched and needed replacing at over £1000!
Couldn't justify that so decided to have a go myself...kit, oil, filter etc cost my just over £350 and I got stuck in in front of my garage. What a pig of a job with the engine in, so I now have finally got the the new timing and oil pump chain fitted. Please note for anyone who has spent the best part of a day trying to undo the bolt on the oil pump drive that a 500nm ratchet gun and a 4ft bar wouldn't shift in order to change the lower chain just drop the sump and the oil pump (4 bolts) and it's easy!
Well, after dropping the sump I had to do the pump gauze check and found lots of black bits and more worrying lots of bits of what I think are white metal.
So I am not in a position to strip the whole engine and wonder if anyone has managed to replace the big end shells without a complete engine strip? Mains will have to wait.
Any help, advice would be appreciated as I need to get this back on the road quickly, even if it's to part ex it for something that doesn't allow the failure of a £1.50 copper washer injector seal to destroy a new engine!
Really a bit pissed off because this is easily the best car I have owned and am loathed to get rid of it.