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Charging Battery
« on: April 14, 2021, 07:08:15 pm »
Evening. Can anyone help me with charging my Mazda Q85 EFB battery. Basically, can I charge my battery using a CTEK trickle charger while the battery is still connected?

Also does anyone know the best setting for the charger.....NORMAL or AGM.....obviously the Mazda battery isn’t an AGM battery, but being a stop start battery I thought the AGM mode would be safe?

I have i-eloop, and start just concerned that I could damage something!?

Mazda does suggest removing the battery for charging, but that seems to be related to fast charging.


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Re: Charging Battery
« Reply #1 on: April 27, 2021, 10:33:06 am »
These guys say that the charger appears to be advertised for that job:

You could charge it while still connected but if it was me, I would charge it while being disconnected.

If there is no EFB mode, then yes you use the AGM mode.

Try to check the CTEK information online, whether it states that you must disconnect the battery and the mode you should use. Also check your owner's manual for special guidance.

If you cannot find any information, then if it was me, I would disconnect it and use the AGM mode.

There is always risk to damage something, but what are the chances?

A battery can develop problems as time is passing. So that is like the battery itself is problematic. The same happens with the charger. Imagine that you combine these two problems. Something can go wrong to other systems of the car.

I would follow that Mazda advice you mention at the end about removing the battery. By removing the battery, you can clean up the connections and the area, and if something goes wrong, it will just the battery and/or the charger dying. Just make sure that you do not put the battery on charge and leave home.