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Heating & Ventilation / Re: Intermittent overheating (coolant) light on dash
« Last Post by Danstine13 on October 05, 2021, 04:31:09 pm »
Thanks for the reply, it's 110k btw.

I'm going to change the thermostat or at least remove it and test it in hot water and then go on from there. Thansk for letting me know about the water pump, that also sounds quite probable.

I have also seen it could be a failed fan but the fans are very loud when idling so I assume they are working.

I assume changing the thermostat will require draining the coolant? From the service manual I see it isn't a top mounted thermostat.
General Discussion / Re: Hello
« Last Post by andywolfie on September 25, 2021, 09:38:53 pm »
Picked up the car today and wow am I impressed! What a huge difference with the 2008 model I had previously! Beautiful smooth drive and it made the Jaguar I had feel like a horse and cart! Massive step up in quality, averaged 48mpg on the drive home too, needed to top up the petrol as the dealer wasn’t. Able to due to all the panic buying of fuel! Managed to get some though thankfully (probably the same people as the toilet roll buyers last year! ) I’ll post some pics when I get a chance, cheers all,

This message first occured whilst on holiday in West Wales & the car went into Limp Mode. The next day it disapeared without any action being taken. On the drive back to Brighton it occured again. I stopped at a motor way services and called the AA. Their technician seemed very knowlegeable about Mazda 6's, (Ominous) & reset 4 messages from his laptop concerning heat in regard to oil & water. He also topped up the oil & water which I don't think were particularly low. Engine requires inspection disapeared for around 150 miles.

When no warning message and no limp mode the car drives normally.

Took it to my local approved Mazda dealer who said they had a battery terminal loose. I was amazed that such a small issue would immobilise the car and guess who had the battrey out last. Yes; the same dealer when fitting a new oil strainer.
The car was limped again on the short trip from the the dealer.

Having heard stories about supermarket diesel I ran it down & filled up with Shell and added a can of STP for high mileage (mine's 100k now) injector cleaner too. Low & behold I get to North Wales and back (800 miles with local driving) and it comes on again right at the end of the journey. It is now completely unpredictable. Logically it seems to me that it is the sensor system not working rather than the engine itself. The service desk man at the dealer, says it will be difficult to find and cost £120/hr for diagnostics and that I would be better off with a petrol car: helpfull!

I bought this car 3 years old at 55k & within a couple of years had to have the Turbos cams and other things replaced. Mazda paid half but it was still £900. Recently spent another £900 on having the oil strainer replaced which came from the message
"System management system requires inspection" It has an approved dealer FSH up to today.

If your're not asleep having read this treatise, I would welcome any advice. Having read quite a lot now about problems with the Skyactive 2.2D engine I am wondering whether this is another RX8 for Mazda and it is time to get shut.
This would be a pity, because it's wonderful car my wife and I really enjoy, with lots of useful extra's and certainly the best looking estate on the market. I believe too we still need a diesel as we tow a 1300 Kg caravan though please note the preceeding tale of woe was totally none towing. Skoda Supreme anybody?
Heating & Ventilation / Re: Intermittent overheating (coolant) light on dash
« Last Post by Atenzer on September 19, 2021, 08:07:19 pm »
You haven't told us what mileage but you've pretty much listed the suspects for the cause.  However I can add another to your list, which is the water pump.  When the water pump is on its last legs, certain times the circulation of the coolant becomes insufficient which with the combination of driving at the time could get the temp high.  Equally reduced coolant flow means the heater won't work very well either unless revved.

However, it's easier to list things but in reality we got to balance the time and money.  If I were you, I'd start with replacing the thermostat because it's consumable and cheap.  At least one factor is eliminated from the list then.  If you could do a live reading from the coolant temp sensor by the OBDII kit you have, you could  then narrow down further.
I've just got/sold my Mazda 6 / Re: About to Buy a 6 - Quick Question on Timing Chain
« Last Post by oldman on September 16, 2021, 09:38:43 pm »
i believe 75k service should be done and so i would make sure done before purchase or part of the deal
also make sure on same service they removed and cleaned sump sieve because that blocks up kiss it all goodbye

have a read here to help know what should have been done at 75k service & if wasn't get done or wlk away

when i bought mine couple year ago now, was first check on list and was so got it
Heating & Ventilation / Intermittent overheating (coolant) light on dash
« Last Post by Danstine13 on September 16, 2021, 08:35:26 am »
Mazda 6 - 2.2 diesel - Manual - 2015 - Gen3 - SE-L

Hi all, as the subject line suggests - I am having an intermittent issue where I will be driving after half an hour or so on normal town like roads (including motorway) and suddenly the red temperature dash light will flash for a few seconds and the engine will go sluggish. The light will vanish after a few seconds and the car will run fine again.

I have used my OBDii adaptor and Torque and no error codes are stored. Nothing seems out of the ordinary. The coolant level is fine, no leaks, the quality of it I am unsure of, was replaced in a service 2 years ago (missed one due to Covid).

I am thinking possibly the following but would like others opinions either to validate my train of thought or to debunk it:

- Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor faulty (Torque seems to show it working okay but I haven't recreated the problem to see it in Torque) 
- Trapped air in the coolant system (although I think air can't just get in the system unless there has been a change)
- Thermostat faulty?

Also might be worth mentioning I have had a long-term issue with the auxiliary heat. When the engine has reached optimum temperature and I switch the auxiliary heater to hot, the heat only comes through if I accelerate. If I am idling, only cold comes through. This issue makes my cold mornings incredibly long and stressful! Perhaps these two issues are related in some way.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

General Discussion / Re: Hello
« Last Post by saddler5 on September 14, 2021, 12:13:15 pm »
Hi Andy, I've not used either of them as I have about 8000 songs on a memory stick and either listen to that on random shuffle or DAB.
General Discussion / Re: Hello
« Last Post by andywolfie on September 13, 2021, 06:48:07 pm »
Hi Andy, I think you will be pleased. I have a 2019 petrol sport and it is altogether a more refined car than the previous models.

Hi Saddler,

Thanks for that, I’m really looking to collecting it, it seems a huge step up from my previous 2008 6 sport, what are the aha and stitcher apps on the car? I’ve not had a chance to go though everything until I pick it up

General Discussion / Re: Hello
« Last Post by saddler5 on September 13, 2021, 12:15:58 pm »
Hi Andy, I think you will be pleased. I have a 2019 petrol sport and it is altogether a more refined car than the previous models.
General Discussion / Re: Hello
« Last Post by andywolfie on September 12, 2021, 10:24:44 am »
Thanks Will, it’s was a number of continual small issues, electrical gremlins, boot harness wires breaking, windscreen delaminates on the outer edge, leather on dashboard bubbling, passenger window stopped working, expansion tank breather tube spigot breaking, rear diff seal leak, but the most annoying was a slight vibration at motorway speeds that no one was able to resolve, I could never relax with it as was always expecting the next thing to go, on the plus side the auto gear box is wonderfully smooth, just feel the car has great potential to be fantastic  but just small niggly things let it down, it seems JLR cars seem to suffer from these reliability issues from what I gather,

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