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Re: Drivers Seat
« Reply #60 on: October 03, 2017, 08:16:30 am »
...I suspect this will be the first, and last Mazda I buy given the number of issues I've had in less than 2 years.
I had a quick look at your previous posts and I don't blame you for your lack of confidence in the marque - I'm a bit the same.

I owned a very low mileage 2015 M6 diesel Sports Nav for a year (approx the whole of year 2016), and it also had 4 new wheels authorised (although I traded the car before they came into stock [about 3 months later]).  I also had a rattle from the front suspension (fixed under warranty), and infotainment niggles but that was all (as if that isn't enough for a 1-2 year old car).

A friend buys a brand new car about every 1-1.5 years and his last few have been M6 diesel Sports Navs.  Every one has had new wheels, and he's also had infotainment issues with one of them.  His current one has just had 2 new wheels (at about 1 year old), plus a new grille bezel due to the 'chrome' bubbling, along with another part doing the same (I can't recall which part, will report back after I speak to him).  He loves his Mazdas but reckons his next car might not be one since especially the faulty wheels annoy him.

My current late 2014 CX-5 diesel Sports Nav had the oil warning a couple of months (and about 4k miles) before it's due service, although I did end up getting that complete 3rd service paid for by Mazda customer services (to the absolute disgust of my dealer).  It's been about 5 months (5k miles) since that service - I wonder if I'll see that oil warning again in a couple of months?  It doesn't instill much confidence of me doing a long journey when the car is much over half way towards it's next service.  I see that some people are having an interim oil change done, but they seem to cost quite a few bob - if the engine can't go it's official 12.5k miles without an interim oil change then the official service intervals should be shortened - and we would factor that in when deciding to buy (or not buy) the car in the first place.  I've also had both folding mirrors replaced, along with a bluetooth controller, and the door locks often click on/off when I open the door.

Our other car is a 2015 Mazda 3 petrol SE-L.  It's also had 4 new wheels at about 1.5 years old, plus a new air con evaporator (which involves stripping the dash out), plus the door locks are beginning to click on that too.

I also love our Mazdas, but it's a pity there are such annoyances with them.  I'll need to buy the extended warranty in a couple of months when my new-car warranty runs out, since I don't trust it not to have major problems somewhere along the line.  If Toyota's Rav was available with a non-CVT auto it would probably be my next car.