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OBD2 Bluetooth module with OBD Fusion
« on: May 24, 2017, 04:51:54 pm »
After having a very handy friend of mine read a DTC on the Mazda, I thought I'd invest a few dollops of moolah on being able to get near to doing the same. I had a good scan of various reviews and eventually decided on a Carista LE Bluetooth OBD2 module, an ideal partner to my iPhone 7 Plus running OBD Fusion.

I was actually very impressed with the SAE codes that the app and module combination will read, but I decided nonetheless to purchase the advanced package for my MY Mazda 6. Well, that just opens the doors to what's possible with OBD2. It's got literally thousands of additional parameters that can be read and diagnosed, and that includes the airbag system, lighting, fitted options and much more. Plus the app has a rather cool element of giving one the option to build dashboards showing a plethora of information live and direct from the OBD2 system.

I spent hours building dashboards to show all manner of things. Here's four of my favourites...

So beyond the diagnostic usefulness, the dashboards are a laugh a minute. The module was £32 from Amazon, the app was £9.99 and the advanced diagnosis pack was another £9.99. A good price for the power the combo yields if you ask me. :)

Good news... no fault codes. Lovely!

Hopefully that bit of info is of use to somebody.