Author Topic: Problem finding stable phone holder/cradle for a Mazda 6 Saloon car (2007)  (Read 3817 times)

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In light of these new mobile phone laws whilst driving and if using a mobile phone as a GPS system it has to be in a holder, i am having a problem trying to find a suitable holder for a samsung Galaxy s6 the edge that will fit in my Mazda 6 saloon car (2007 model). So im not just looking for any holder or cradle but one that will fit in my Mazda 6.

I have tried various holders and found anything with a suction pad on or a sticky pad all seem to fail dangerously and i've had countless occasions of these being fine for a short while before falling off just when you don't need the aggravation.

Ideally I'm looking for a holder or cradle i can put in the central dashboard compartment  (although its limited in what will fit in there). There are no suitable air vents to stick any holders into.

I do have a small three part sandbag type holder but it would mean the phone was just lying on it (which the police may not agree to or they could consider i may have been holding the phone depending on how 'picky' they are if you get stopped) or I could try and cable tie it onto it but then i need to get my phone out at the end of each journey.

So who has a mazda 6 (2007 saloon) and a samsung Galaxy s6 phone and what mobile phone holder/ cradle do you use that is still available to buy. Please give me a link if you can.

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How about a "Dashmount" bracket?  They're the type that professionals fit to cars for fully fitted car kits, and they are fitted without drilling etc so you can remove them later if you wish.  It's only the actual bracket in the link so you'd still need to fix an actual phone holder to the bracket, but I'm pretty sure you could either buy something suitable, or re-use one of your old ones somehow.  They're not cheap, link...