Author Topic: Dash Cam install 6 sportnav 2015  (Read 6654 times)

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Dash Cam install 6 sportnav 2015
« on: November 11, 2015, 11:11:59 am »
Hope this helps anyone considering how it will look on a new 6;

I decided on a Dash Cam that was small for my new sport/nav petrol, so hopefully not as obvious from the outside and not 'in your face' as a some larger cams.

I went for a Nextbase 101  from Halfords at £44, which had a deal where you get a free pouch and micro SD card 8 gb normally retailing at £15. Ok it's not the best but still gets good reviews, and as the resolution (720P HD) is lower the 8 gb is plenty.
Being unsure of quite how this would mount on the screen, I did not want to splash out £180 and upwards to end up with something looking ugly like a pig's ear in a new car's interior this good.

Well the install was a doddle and I'm very impressed with everything, I will put up some piccies soon.
The cable is nicely hidden, the camera too - mounted on the screen just in front of the rear view mirror where the surface feels rough on the mat finish/sensor area is.

It's powered from the cigarette/12v socket, but the cable route passes the fuse box, and I'm hoping should the adapter/lead ever fail in the future, I can either fit a new cable or modify existing to connect via correct voltage limiter/reducer straight to a fuse that's on the accessory power. BTW the cigarette/12v power socket is switched off with the engine, not permanent which is how I wanted it for this.

The cam auto starts with engine start or accessory position, screen timer can be adjusted, set for 10 seconds, set mine for 30 seconds, but to be honest as you can't see it there is no distraction.

The cam lense is nicely just in the wiper swept area, the instructions recommend this, which must be legal and TBH it certainly isn't in your driver's viewing area.

One picture shows the cable showing for approx. 2 cm in the passenger footwell area by the centre console. There is a join on the panels which I hope to in the future dismantle and push in the cable. But for now it's really not noticable, and the install up to this point only took approx 30 mins, really was a doddle  :)

Hope this helps peeps, as I felt I was taking a risk here :-)

PS first post.