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Oil Pump Drive Chain Replacement
« on: March 20, 2018, 01:23:21 pm »

A warning to others but also seeking advice

Mazda 6 2013 2.2 Skyactiv. Went into limp mode with low engine oil pressure message. Had to wait a week before Mazda would look at it where upon they stuck it on the diagnostics, said there was no oil pressure in the engine which meant there will be catastrophic engine damage and a new engine would be needed. They could strip it down to check but it would be "expensive" with what they said would be, probably the same outcome. They then proceeded to quote me £9200 to replace the engine and associated parts. This is more than the cars worth! They couldn't tell me what caused the issue either. Their best guess was most likely a clogged sump from either dpf regens or a blown injector seal.

Took it to a local old school garage who have removed the sump and found the timing chain that drives the oil pump lying in the sump. The chain had snapped resulting in no oil pressure causing the car to go into limp mode. So, we want to replace this chain so we can then ascertain if there is engine damage (knocking noises etc) but it seems almost impossible to find parts like this for Mazda's from 2013 onwards. Plenty on ebay for 2.2's but they are all for 2012 and earlier models and can obviously go to the dealers etc but they are very expensive. Ssurely other places sell this kind of stuff. Does anyone have any names of places online?