Author Topic: Dealer discussion about oil starvation problems  (Read 894 times)

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Dealer discussion about oil starvation problems
« on: February 23, 2018, 07:49:45 am »
I picked up my car from its 25k service and spoke with the dealer about the known problems caused by the gunk created by diesel in the oil and subsequent blocking of the oil pickup gauze causing oil starvation to the top of the engine.  Fair play to them, they didnt attempt to talk down the issue and ackowledged it was a potential problem will all dpf fitted diesel engines that dont undergo a full regeneration cycle etc.  I bought a service plan with my car and my next service is therefore already paid for. I suggested that at the next service id get them to remove the sump and inspect the gauze, for my piece of mind since i intend the keep the car until well over 100k.  They quoted approx £120 to do the inspection, which although expensive, may still be worth it since it may point to an issue which could then be fixed under warranty.  Any thoughts, or has anyone inspected theirs?

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Re: Dealer discussion about oil starvation problems
« Reply #1 on: February 23, 2018, 12:46:34 pm »
I have the oil and filter changed every 6/7000 and have done on both my 6s  a 2014 and a 2017. 37000 miles in the first and 13000 miles in this one and the oil level has never moved and i check the level every 1000 by the stick. I do all sorts of journeys long short fast slow and NO dpf issues at all. Most of the issues with the skyactive diesels seem to be sorted late 2014 on.
Cheers Steve.  8)

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Re: Dealer discussion about oil starvation problems
« Reply #2 on: February 25, 2018, 07:25:55 am »
I have the impression that all the DPF problems came up when these devices where fitted during the first years of the technology. These older engines were producing too much work for the DPFs. As the newer regulations came into practice, the newer engines produce much less stress for the DPFs. Also, additional technologies like start/stop help to reduce the stress on the DPFs.

I think the service intervals are regulated mostly by sensors. My car had more than the average mileage with the first owner and the service intervals were above the recommended mileage. The second owner did much less than the average mileage and that had surely an impact to the car.

After I got the car, the first service interval came up about 1K miles before the recommended mileage. I think that was because of the previous style of use of the car plus the concern that the dealer did not use C1 oil. After the first service I did, even though that I had a long period with limited use of the car, the service interval came up about 1K miles after the recommended mileage.

If that continues like that, then I am not sure if the oil is good enough to protect the engine, i.e. lubricating and cleaning. Maybe it is worthy reducing the service interval but a lot of manufacturers nowadays recommend 20K and 36K miles service intervals. These should be the same oils used in cars like our which get 12.5K recommended service intervals. So from an oil perspective, that should be good enough.

I am considering letting the car flag its service even though I record each service mileage and if the intervals continue to be extended, I could bring forward the big 75K miles service every time by one service. I think it is worthy doing the oil pick check but not every 2-3 services. I have never done it because the car was prepared by the dealer, but I am considering for the next big 75K service. I am now at 107K miles.