Author Topic: OEM-style Android Head Units for Gen 2  (Read 3591 times)

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OEM-style Android Head Units for Gen 2
« on: May 06, 2019, 09:16:47 pm »
Hey guys and gals,
I'm the proud new papa of a 2008 (Gen 2) 2.5 SL, and I decided to lurk a bit to get some ideas for my new baby (the kids have named it "Fancy Nancy" because of all the features).
Everything is great on the car save the alloys need refurbishing and I'm not happy with the radio. The sound of the Bose radio is pretty good, but I need a bit more connectivity and display. I've always installed name-brand head units in my cars, but I'm considering getting an OEM-look Android model. I really just want Bluetooth for phone/music, DAB, old-timey iPod connection, and full display for all (so factory radio integration kits won't do it for me).
Has anyone installed one of those Chinese OEM-style units? I'd like to get some feedback before I commit. Otherwise, I'll get the install kit and use the JVC I had in my former car. The JVC won't look as nice, but it has all the features I want.
Yes, I know there are a few threads on this, but it seems that most of the M6-specific models referenced are no longer available, even on the manufacturers' websites.  Maybe all the manufacturers were building the Mazda 6 models in the same factory and it burned down in a flood?