Author Topic: Bonnet & Roof respray horror  (Read 7084 times)

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Bonnet & Roof respray horror
« on: August 17, 2012, 08:30:55 pm »
Well a few weeks ago I decided to get my bonnet and roof resprayed due to many stone chips, upon collection of my car on a cloudy day all looked great but after getting home and out in the sun the car was covered in machine polishing swirls and holograms aswell as overspray all over the other panels.

So I took the car to my local detailer who took pic's as he went, and discribed it as the worst he had ever seen!

Before in the shade:-

Under the sun gun:-

The roof:-

The bonnet 50/50:-

All finished:-

Very happy with the results, you might ask why I just didn't take it back to bodyshop but after their first attempt I didn't want to risk further damage to the paintwork.

If you want to see more photos kindly provided by my detailer please follow this link:-